#ON Semiconductor: Easier Hearing Aids

#ON Semiconductor has introduced a preconfigured development suite to offer an easier way to build hearing aids.

#ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ON) offers a broad portfolio of ultra-low-power solutions for the hearing health industry.  Furthermore, the company has now unveiled the Ezairo Preconfigured Suite (Pre Suite).  Most noteworthy, this is a development toolkit.  As a result, it will enable turnkey solutions based on the company’s Ezairo 7100 Digital Signal Processor (DSP).

The wireless-enabled Ezairo 7150 SL is a firmware bundle that makes it easier to build wireless-enabled hearing aids.  In addition, it features Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC).  Most of all, it features adaptive noise reduction.  It seems that this is important for directional microphones, acoustic feedback cancellation, and environmental classification.

And ON believes that this development will pave the way for easier development of Over-the-Counter (OTC) devices.  Therefore, it will open the door to wireless fitting and advanced user control.

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