Credit Suisse Remains Bullish

The global sell-off in stock markets earlier this year has made some investors nervous that the bullish run is ending.

However, Credit Suisse said that time has not yet come.

The Swiss banking giant has been adding stocks to its portfolio and still has an “overweight” position on the asset class.  This according to Michael Strobaek, the firm’s global chief investment officer.  “We have bought equities and feel very well about it. Furthermore, we don’t see the end of this bull market as yet.”

The bull is indeed “ageing.”  Nevertheless, there are still factors that are positive for stocks.

Among the stocks featured by Credit Suisse is Micron Technology, Inc. (MU)

A similar bullish tone was struck by Goldman Sachs.  The “extraordinary” performance of growth stocks over the past year doesn’t mean those names are slowing down anytime soon, according to Goldman Sachs.  And perhaps not by coincidence, Goldman also has featured Micron.

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