The GMD Commentary: Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Week in Review:

It was generally a good week for the markets.

Major Markets:

The Shanghai Composite Index lost .86% this week. However, most other major market indexes were up this week:

Dow Jones Industrial Average: Up .86%

Nasdaq: Up 1.57%

S&P 500: UP .91%

Nikkei Index: UP .69%

Hang Seng: Up 2.29%

DAX: Up .51%

Financial Times 100: Up .39%

The Dollar:

The U.S. #dollar has suffered a steady decline for many months. It peaked in mid-December of 2016, but it has fallen almost 10% over the past year. It rallied briefly at the beginning of November of this year, but soon resumed its plunge.

A decline in the dollar, particularly one this severe, is often a portent of stronger precious metals prices and a rise in the stocks of mining companies. That has not happened yet, but I will continue to monitor the situation.

Energy Prices:

Energy prices have continued to rally. Brent North Sea Oil closed the week at $63.86 per barrel, up 1.82% on the week. West Texas Intermediate closed the week at $58.95 per barrel, up 4.24% on the week. Energy and energy service companies are beginning to respond to higher oil prices. They seem to be trending a bit higher.


Healthcare and #biotechnology stocks have generally been doing poorly. The entire industry groups have been weighed down by politics in D.C. These groups rallied briefly at the beginning of September, but the rally quickly faded.

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ALNY) has been doing well since September. But that is the exception. Other than ALNY, it is hard to find a company in this this group that has been doing well.

Featured Stocks:

Last week I featured three stocks:

Total System Services (TSS)

EPAM Systems (EPAM)

WNS (Holdings) Limited (WNS)

All three of these rose this past week. TSS rose .99%, EPAM gained 2.97% and WNS jumped 2.9%. It was a good week.

For the coming week I am going to feature four stocks:
Marvell Technology Group Ltd. (MRVL)

Micron Technology (MU)

EPAM Systems (EPAM)

WNS (Holdings) Limited (WNS)

As you can see, I have left two of the three stocks from last week, EPAM and WNS, on the list. And I have added MRVL and MU.

There are articles on my website and on my Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages that discuss all of these companies.

Remember: DYOD. Do your own due diligence.

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