Report: EU Presidency Calls for Internet Censorship

Estonia currently leads the European Union Presidency.  They have called on other EU Member States to increase their Internet censorship.

They want EU Internet censorship to emulate Communist China.

“A Council of the European Union document was leaked by Statewatch.  It reveals that Estonia (the current EU Presidency) has been pushing the other Member States to strengthen indiscriminate #internet surveillance.  Furthermore, they want to follow in the footsteps of China regarding online censorship.”  This was reported by European Digital Rights (EDRi), an international advocacy group.

In the leaked document, Estonia proposes two very controversial options.  First there would be the so-called “link tax” or ancillary copyright.  The second is referred to as an upload filter.”  Both items would be harmful to a free and open Internet, in the opinion of the EDRi.

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