Opinion: Investors are still underestimating Nvidia

Investors have reappraised Nvidia and the potential for its GPU business beyond the gaming industry.

This has taken the Nvidia stock from around $20 in 2015 to around $165 today.

Nvidia (NVDA) has convinced the world that the GPU is a central part of the future of computing.  It has far-reaching applications into data center, machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision and cryptocurrency mining.  Even so, investors may still be missing how much the company can still grow in its bread-and-butter business of #PC gaming.

I believe we could be at an inflection point for PC gaming.  There has been a shift away from those playing on consoles like PlayStation and Xbox accelerates.  Instead, there has been an uptick in sales of PC gaming rigs the last few years.  PC-gaming-specific PCs have seen 5%-6% increases in sales year over year.  The vast majority were switching away from consoles.

And as gamers switch to PCs, Nvidia has another advantage that could catapult the stock higher.

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