Netflix (NFLX) hits $100 billion market cap

Netflix added 8.3 million net new subscribers.  The forecast was 6.3 million.

Investors sent Netflix Inc. (NFLX) stock on a rampage after hours Monday.  Share values rose nearly 10%.  This added enough value to propel the company to a $100 billion valuation by market capitalization.  The move followed very favorable fourth-quarter results.

Netflix beat revenue expectations by just under $10 million.  This was exactly where Wall Street predicted: 41 cents a share.  But the company blew net subscription additions out of the water.  They enrolled 8.3 million new net subscribers.  Furthermore, this represented an 18% gain over the same period last year.  And this was well above the company’s forecast of 6.3 million.   In addition, it handily beat the analyst consensus forecast of 6.37 million.

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