Latin American Stocks Continue To Show Strength

Latin American equities have been performing very well lately.

As an example of an interesting Latin American company, you might want to take a look at Localiza Rent A Car (LZRFY).  I featured this company in a recent post.  It rose 7.57% this past week.  In addition, it has gained 56.26% over the past three months.  One negative is that it is thinly traded.  Its average daily trading volume is only about 22,000 shares.

Instead you might prefer to invest in a #mutual fund.  This approach offers the advantage of diversification.  And just like the individual Latin American stocks, several mutual funds with an emphasis on Latin American have been performing very well.  Here is a link to a review of several.

One of those is Fidelity Latin America Fund (FLATX).  This fund gained 3.21% this past week, and has risen 18.91% over the past three months.  Truly an impressive performance.

Good luck with those ideas.  And let’s make some money this week.

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