Latin American Stocks On The Rise

Latin American stocks have been doing very well for the past several weeks.

Among the best performing Latin American stocks have been #Localiza Rent a Car S.A. (LZRFY), Credicorp Ltd. (BAP), and Kroton Educacional S.A. (KROTY).

Hence, they warrant a closer look.

Localiza’s Head of Investor Relations is Nora Lanariwas.  She was interviewed recently.  She described the company’s three main business units.  They are the car rental business in Braziland South America; its fleet rental; and finally, selling the cars directly to consumers.

Most noteworth, Localiza is the largest player in Brazil and Latin America.  They have a number of branches with presence in 7 countries (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay). 

Furthermore, due to the company’s scale they are able to achieve a competitive advantage in raising money, purchasing cars and distribution.  At the same time, the company’s stable management is focused on long term results for the growth of the business.

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