How the wealthiest .004% made their money

There are more super-rich people in the world today than ever before. According to a new survey from Wealth-X and UBS. The number of people with more than $30 million dollars in assets jumped 6% to hit a new record of 211,275 in 2014. Among them, they hold a staggering $30 trillion dollars. To put that in some perspective, that is nearly twice the size of the entire U.S. economy, which was $16.8 trillion in 2013.
Those 211,275 people account for .004% of the world’s population and hold 13% of the world’s wealth.
What may come as a surprise is that nearly two-thirds of those people didn’t make their money the old fashioned way – they made it the hard way. 64% of the world’s ultra high net worth population is self-made. Just 17% fully inherited their wealth.