The GMD Commentary: Tuesday, December 12, 2017

We are seeing a rotation away from semiconductor and other high technology stocks toward financial services.

Furthermore, this trend toward financial services has become stronger in the past few weeks.

For example, in the week ending December 1, the technology sector, especially #semiconductor stocks, suffered a sharp decline.  As a result, we have been monitoring this industry group to see whether it would recover. Technology did recover slightly in the week ending December 8.  However, the recovery was nowhere near the collapse suffered the previous week. For example, Micron Technology (MU) is a very popular semiconductor stock, and it enjoys very positive analysts’ ratings. MU was DOWN -15.48% in the week ending December 1, and recovered just UP 2.91% the following week.

As a result, I am moving toward and emphasizing financial services companies in the list of Featured Stocks below.

Featured Stocks:

#Ally Financial (ALLY)

I am highlighting just one stock this week in the list of Featured Stocks.  ALLY is a diversified financial services company.  Among its areas of emphasis is the financing of the purchase of new and used automobiles, and insurance products.  In addition, they are a leader in inventory financing for automobile dealers.

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