The GMD Commentary: Saturday, October 28, 2017

Last week I featured two stocks, ON Semiconductor Corporation (ON) and Adobe Systems Incorporated (ADBE).

Last week I featured two stocks, ON Semiconductor Corporation (ON) and Adobe Systems Incorporated (ADBE). ON rose 3.39% on the week while ADBE gained just .96%.

Biotechnology and Big Pharma stocks have been slumping. Indecision on the federal level about whether to continue subsidies to healthcare providers have caused these stocks to fall hard.

Among the developed countries the equity markets have produced mixed results. German stocks have been performing fairly well. The U.K. FTSE has been vacillating between Brexit doesn’t matter and Brexit will present a big challenge.

One notable exception among developed countries is Japan. Japanese stocks have been doing very well for the past two months.

Emerging markets are in decline. Just a few weeks ago emerging markets were doing very well, especially Latin American markets. But that rally has fizzled.

Energy prices have been rallying strongly. However, that has not yet translated into positive performance for energy and energy service companies. Investors are probably skeptical that the rally in oil prices can be maintained.

This week I am featuring three stocks. First, I am keeping ON Semiconductor (ON). I am adding to that another semiconductor stock, Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM). The third stock is MasterCard Incorporated (MA).

There are articles on the website and on my Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages discussing all three of these companies.

Remember to DYOD. Do your own due diligence.

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