The Coming Avalanche

Marc Faber says that when selling starts in markets, it’ll trigger an “avalanche.”

Marc Faber, the man often hailed as the original ‘Dr. Doom’ is warning investors that the U.S. stock market is vulnerable to a seismic sell-off.  And he believes that it could start any time in a very unassuming way.

Marc Faber is the editor of “The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report.” He has predicted the rally’s disruption won’t be caused by any single catalyst. His argument: Stocks are very overbought and sentiment is way too bullish for the so-called Trump rally to continue.

“Very simply, the market starts to go down. As it goes down, it will start triggering selling.  Then it will be like an avalanche.” “I would underweight U.S. stocks.”

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